bathroom mirrors

We had spent ages planning and installing the bathroom of our dreams. Our budget allowed us to have the bathroom suite and tiling done by craftsmen. The finishing touch was going to be our choice of mirrors.

We decided on bathroom mirrors with lights. Good mirrors strategically placed make the bathroom look bigger. The mirrors would be watertight and made especially for bathrooms so they won’t lose their sparkle. They would have smooth, beveled edges for added safety and style.

We were very excited about the mirrors and integrated lighting being installed. They would have the latest LED technology. They were cup lights with integrated demister pads so you always have a clear mirror, even when you have just taken a shower or bath.

We went for a stainless steel and framed mirror which looks cool and contemporary and with looks that won’t date. We had lots to chose from. Long, oval, wide, circular, with lights or without. We were very pleased with the choices we made.

The mirrors are splash proof and are resistant to normal moisture exposure. The lamps have long life lights bulbs. The mirrors give out a soft, warm light…which by the way is very kind to you! They all have beveled edges and cord pulls in chrome.

We also went in for wall lighting. We went for a stunning Art Deco design. The lights are water resistant and give out a soft flattering light perfect for shaving in or putting on make up.

We used a great glazier called Bromley Glass 24/7.

rest, Sunday

Sundays, do you love Sundays as much as I do?

I think they are amazing, it’s a day that you can just relax, hopefully it’s sunny out and if you lose you can get into the garden, go for a drive, go for a walk, go to the pub, do all of those things and you will have a fantastic day because it is a day of rest.

But it doesn’t have to be a day of rest you can do lots of active things, there are often lots of sporty things to do like watching golf, football, cricket, athletics, Formula One motor racing. Or you can actually physically get involved in these activities if you’re so inclined or even a trip to the gym after the walk is very good for you.

It really is a day to get your head together and work out what you doing in the week to come and the lovely Monday morning feeling when you go to work. 

I personally like going for a drive in an open top car on Sunday especially if it’s sunny well actually it has to be sunny or you may get wet 🙂 it is great to get your car out and take it for a spin especially as I said if it has a soft top or an open top which is amazing.

 Is Sunday the best day of the week? Some people think it’s I think it’s rather glorious and I do enjoy Sundays because it is relaxing is not like Saturday it is a completely different day feels different vibe is different. It isn’t necessarily a religious thing, even though it is a day to relax it can be linked to religion but not necessarily.